EXpert Fit Custom Bras

I am Anna King, founder of EXpert Fit Custom Bras. I was introduced to this product when I was 25 years old. They were known as Lady Cameo, Pennyrich and Jeunique.  I rotated the same 4 pairs of bras for about four years.  After many years of use my bras wore out.  It was difficult to find a local distributer.  I tried buying bras off the shelf, sports bras, and bras that looked similar to Le Unique however, they did not give me the support and comfort I needed for my active lifestyle. Bras that I bought in the store lasted on average 6 months.  With proper care, my Le Unique bras have lasted for years.  The structure of these bras is so good that they may only needed minor repairs. After retiring from the military I was determined to give women the comfort and support these bras have given me. 

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About the Owner

I am a distributor of Le Unique products. I am relocating to Northern Va.  I will still be avaialable via Email and am glad to and serve anyone who wants to look good and feel great in their clothes.  Check out Le Unique's  wide variety of body shaping products.

EXpert Fit Custom Bras is dedicated to your health and comfort.