EXpert Fit Custom Bras

Thrust Principle

Thrust Principle brings all of the breast tissue forward and up from around the rib cage. The bust weight is resting on the banderin.  Our bras come in more than 315 different sizes allowing the bust to be properly fitted in the right cup size.   


Give your breast proper care and support

Muscles do not support the breast,  skin supports the breast. Without adequate support sagging occurs.  Sagging also occurs due to inadequate blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the breasts. 

A properly fitted bra is the solution.


Le Unique is Unique

A Le Unique custom fitted bra is not an ordinary bra. It does not use wires or pads because it does not need them for support to produce unbelievable results. The bras are constructed with a banderine that supports the breast from the bottom and sides giving your breast the best support comfort and shape.